“Unformed” (Early Access Version) Development Team Personal Statement

About Bones Studio

We are Bones Studio, a sub-branch of Cimugames. From our humble beginnings to the big night of the game’s pre-release, we’ve gone through some massive personnel changes and have finally landed on a core group of members.

The inspiration of our studio’s name comes the famous Japanese animation company, Bone Club, and their philosophy, “animation with integrity”. We also strive to achieve this same type of integrity in our animation, which is the heart and origin of Bones Studio.

During the developmental process, friends and colleagues came and went, especially when the irreconcilable balance between life and work conflicted. We understand their decisions and are grateful for their contributions and efforts.

It is our hope that when we are on track, we can still keep our original intentions in mind, while inspiring future members to fight with us without a worry.

About “Unformed” (Early Access Version)

“Unformed” is a low-poly style 2D side-scroller version of a Souls-like action RPG, which will have an early access launch on Steam at 8am on April 25th, Beijing time.

Players will take on the role of an eastern ranger trying to uncover the final nightmarish truth about immortality in the East. This project has come a long way since its roots, and we have survived a series of twists and turns dealing with suspension, dissolution and reorganization. Moreover, our philosophies and systems have been dismantled and reconstructed several times. Finally, we decided that our game would maintain a hardcore Souls-like style reserved especially for hardcore players.

About Early Access

Like many other independent games, we have adopted an Early Access mode that will be launched online. Firstly, the most practical reason is the high cost of developing. The many difficulties, including labor, time and money, of Souls-like games can hardly be underestimated.

Instead of cutting corners, we decided to release the game online early, not only to maintain our high standard of quality from start to finish, but to also ensure the survival of our studio. Furthermore, an Early Access version can help us open better communication channels with players as we continue the game’s development. Players can connect with us immediately if they have suggestions for improvement or spot bugs, thus ultimately improving the quality and development of the game.

Why Souls-like Again?

In recent years, Souls-like games have become one of the hottest genres in the game industry. Many prestigious studios have contributed many various versions of this special style in their games, creating a pool of picky players who have become very selective about the games that they choose to play. We knew we’re facing a huge challenge, but we’ve got no regrets.

Truth be told, we have a deep love and appreciation for this style deep down. Whether the gripping battles, the brain-burning game level design, or the addictive storytelling, we are addicted with no cure in sight. Naturally as game developers, “to make a game like that” grew and resonated in our minds. Since the From Software has set the bar for Souls-like games, it’s now our turn to illustrate our understanding of Souls-like games, to explore more possibilities and to create something completely unique.

A Horror Story from the East?

Unlike other eastern games with a sleek style, our game cultivates a dark tone or, at times, an uncomfortable mood. To us, we believe that horror characters and concepts often seen in western stories can also seamlessly merge with Chinese backgrounds perfectly in addition to ancient China’s own novels and creepy folk tales. Whatever disturbing hybrid we’ve created, our goal is for players to experience the eerie and gruesome atmosphere and get goosebumps from time to time.

Action Elements

In terms of action and operation, we learned from not only previous Souls-like games, but also fighting games, such as Street Fighter and Tekken. Those titles have inspired us in terms of pre-input, direction correction, animation and production, and have even led to optimizations in the combat system so as to offer a more accurate and convenient operating pattern to players, allowing them to put more energy into battling and level exploring.

What’s Next?

There’s so much to be developed next! First of all, we will design more weapons, related skills, new enemies, and subsequent game levels within the completed system. Then, we will work on how to step out of the Souls-like genre by producing some unique systems to make Unformed more “Bones-like”.

We have tons of great ideas, and the key is to implement them one by one in order to make them come true. Bones Studio welcomes every passionate game developer to join us and together, we will create a dangerously beautiful world.

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