There is a small kingdom in the south. King Zhao has been looking for a way to achieve immortality for years. All his efforts are bent on it. Through research, he discovered that there is a type of entity called “earth spirit”, which lives in a place called Huangting Valley. Due to his uncontrollable desire of immortality, he appoints a wizard named “Lee He” from the kingdom as the general of the state and creates a new Tao-based religion called the “Crane”. The ultimate goal of the Crane is to manipulate the human body in order to create an immortal being similar to the earth spirit. 


To support the body, the transformed human must intake a type of medicine which is made from the earth spirit. One must take this substance constantly, for if even one dose is forgotten, that human will lose all of his/her ability, including movement, and turn into a completely useless body. But fortunately for humans, earth spirits can regenerate. The only thing that you must do is to cut a piece of its meat to make the medicine and the skin will regenerate a short time after. So the king is able to start a mass production of his immortal drug. For those who live in the valley but have never received that “transform operation”, can still take this medicine to make their human body stronger than ever.


Meanwhile, there is another group with a different understanding of immortality. Their religion is called “Snake”, started by Lee’s student, “Wu Bei”. Wu learned that there is a greater being beyond the earth spirit. This being has enormous spiritual power. A human’s spirit can be transformed into a so-called  “child of god’s blood”. The Child of God’s Blood has a much stronger spiritual impact. King Zhao feels that impact as well so he decides to let Wu succeed Lee. This sudden move deeply angers Lee and he steals the earth spirit. His crime is exposed and and he is arrested. After putting Lee into the dungeon, King Zhao’s son, Luo Shi, decides to help Lee escape. For concealment, Lee changes his last name to Jiang and forms a new underground clan called “the Shadow”.


Soon after, Wu Bei finally understands that the being behind the earth spirit is actually an ancient god and sets off in search of it. In the hideout of the ancient Snake Men, an epic battle between 3 different powers erupts; the Kingdom, the Shadow and Snake Men. The magnitude of the battle accidentally breaks the sleeping spell of an ancient god and awakens it. Those who took the medicine before either fall into madness or into a deep sleep. Those few who can still control their thoughts decide to go into hiding. The Huangting Valley ignites into an inferno. It is at this moment that King Zhao dies of natural causes. Wu Bei realizes that he has opened the gates of hell, but at the same time, he discovers more secrets that have been hidden by the ancient villagers. Now the one task that Wu Bei needs to do is actually the task that he’s been trying to avoid his entire life. 


Meanwhile, a soul-collector from the Orient sets her foot upon this lost and spiraling land…

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